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Agnès Lehuen

Auditorium 1
Invited by
Peter van Endert & Simon Fillatreau
Institut Cochin

Agnes Lehuen is director of the Team “Immunology of diabetes” at Cochin Institute and University Paris City, France. She is cofounder of the Laboratory of Excellence INFLAMEX. 
Dr Lehuen's research has been focused on autoimmunity and metabolic diseases. Her laboratory has highlighted the key role of innate immune cells in the initiation or the prevention of type 1 diabetes, with a particular interest on NKT and MAIT cells. She also reported MAIT cell alteration and function in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, obesity and liver diseases. Her recent studies revealed that MAIT cell activation and cytotoxic function are associated with disease severity and mortality of COVID-19 patients. She presently investigates the role of MAIT cells in tissue damage upon enterovirus infection, as well as the crosstalk between MAIT cells and microbiota in diabetes.

Seminar topic: MAIT cells: from metabolic diseases to viral infection