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Paroles de Chercheurs with Julien Diana

To start the year on an inspiring note, we are proud to spotlight a new episode from the renowned INSERM's Paroles de Chercheurs series. This episode shines a spotlight on the work of Julien Diana, research director at INSERM and group leader at INEM, as he delves into the fascinating world of autoimmune diabetes and the pivotal role played by gut microbiota.

In this episode of Paroles de Chercheurs, Julien Diana takes us on a journey through his research endeavors. He peels back the layers of complexity that surround the intricate connection between the immune system and gut microbiota. Julien's commitment to unraveling the mysteries of autoimmune diabetes not only showcases the profound depth of research conducted at our institute but also reflects his personal dedication to advancing critical solutions in healthcare.

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the field, an aspiring researcher eager to explore the frontiers of medical science, or simply simply someone with a curiosity for the latest developments in health, this episode offers a potent blend of knowledge and inspiration.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain fresh insights into the world of autoimmune diabetes and the symbiotic relationship between our immune system and gut microbiota.

Watch the full episode here: