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Autoimmune and B cells immune responses

Matthieu Mahévas
Team description

Our research group delves into the intricate mechanisms underlying the breakdown of tolerance in B cells and the establishment of long-lived immune memory, both in normal and pathological human contexts.

Plasma cells and long-lived memory B cells have emerged as key players in providing long-term protection against pathogens, a phenomenon often observed in the most effective vaccines, such as smallpox or yellow fever vaccination. Conversely, B cells and plasma cells targeting self-antigens have been implicated in the development of various autoimmune diseases, including immune thrombocytopenia and severe forms of COVID-19. Our laboratory is dedicated to addressing two pivotal questions in immunology:

  1. Why do some individuals develop autoimmune disorders?
  2. How and when do we maintain memory B cells for decades, and what are the relationships between long-lived memory B cells and plasma cell generation in humans?

Our research is twofold. We investigate the breakdown of B cell tolerance in human diseases, using unique access to splenic samples from immune thrombocytopenia patients. Simultaneously, our group is part of a national consortium (RHU COFIFERON) working to gain a deeper understanding of the origin of anti-Type I IFN antibodies in older adults, auto-antibodies that underlie severe forms of COVID-19.

The second major focus of our research lab centers on deciphering the cellular mechanisms involved in memory B cell generation and longevity. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the ensuing global vaccination campaign have provided us with a unique opportunity to investigate the early stages of a response to a novel viral antigen in humans. Additionally, we've leveraged the exceptional circumstances surrounding the eradication of smallpox in the late 1970s to conduct the first functional analysis of 50-year-old resting memory B cells in humans

Our research is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of immune memory, autoimmunity, and vaccination responses in the context of human health.

Key publications
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