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Scientific Advisory Board

INEM's International Scientific Advisory Board, headed by Anna Katharina Simon, comprises eight distinguished international scientific experts. This assembly plays a pivotal role in guiding INEM's strategic direction and scientific pursuits.

Anna Katharina
Anna Katharina Simon  
Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology
Cédric Blanpain
Cédric Blanpain  
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Sarah-Maria Fendt
Sarah-Maria Fendt
KU Leuven
Stefan H.E. Kaufmann  
Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology
Stephen Lory  
Harvard Medical School
Helen McNeill
Washington University School of Medicine
Marco Sandri  
University of Padua
Ken Smith  
University of Cambridge, UK

The primary objectives of the Scientific Advisory Board encompass:

Scientific Guidance - Offering invaluable insights and recommendations on the scientific orientations of INEM. Their expertise contributes to shaping the institute's research priorities and initiatives.

Recruitment Excellence - Assisting in the selection and recruitment of new research teams. Their discerning perspective ensures the addition of exceptional talent to INEM's research community.

Strategic Counsel - On occasion, the SAB may be called upon to provide strategic advice and counsel on significant decisions that impact the institute's growth and impact.