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Matthieu Mahévas - Chaires d’excellence en Biologie Santé - France 2030

INEM proudly announces Matthieu Mahévas as one of the esteemed awardees of the "Chaires d’Excellence en Biologie-Santé" under the France 2030 Initiative.

The Chairs of Excellence in Biology-Health program, overseen by the French National Research Agency, provides top researchers from diverse backgrounds with significant funding to launch major new projects in France for five years.

The selection, meticulously evaluated by a prestigious international jury, underscores INEM's dedication to fostering research excellence and innovation. This commitment is further supported by the government's active backing of innovative research initiatives. The announcement was made by Sylvie Retailleau, Minister of Higher Education and Research, and Frédéric Valletoux, Minister Delegate for Health and Prevention, alongside Lise Alter, Managing Director of the Health Innovation Agency, during a ceremony at the Institut Pasteur on April 22, 2024.

INEM extends warm congratulations to Matthieu and his fellow recipients, reinforcing its commitment to advancing research excellence and its practical applications.

Scientific Project: DIPP-IMMUNE "Dissecting Protective and Pathogenic Long-lasting Humoral Immunity"

Antibody-mediated immunity (humoral immunity) primarily relies on two types of cells: plasma cells and memory B cells generated in the germinal centers of secondary lymphoid organs. The DIPP-IMMUNE project focuses on three interdependent questions concerning the generation and long-term maintenance of these cells in humans: 1. Which memory cells are selected to ensure long-term vaccination protection? 2. How do plasma cells targeting self-antigens or vaccine antigens differ, and can they be specifically targeted for therapeutic purposes? 3. What are the mechanisms controlling the elimination of B cells recognizing self-antigens in germinal centers, and what are the molecular bases of tolerance breakdown in B cell-mediated autoimmune diseases? DIPP-IMMUNE aims to bring new insights to enhance our understanding of long-term humoral immunity with specific applications in vaccination and autoimmune diseases.

Coordinating Institution: INSERM