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Our mission

At Institut Necker Enfants Malades, our mission is to drive scientific progress and translate knowledge into tangible solutions for current health challenges. Here are our guiding principles:

Scientific Excellence - We have a longstanding tradition of innovation and advancement in medical research, consistently at the forefront of discovery.

Translational Research - We bring together researchers and clinicians to translate scientific breakthroughs into practical treatments for patients.

Collaboration - We believe in the power of multidisciplinary collaboration, working with partners to maximize our impact and innovate together.

Knowledge Sharing - We are committed to sharing our findings with the scientific community, healthcare professionals, and the public to promote the advancement of medicine.



Through our work, we aspire to not only address current health challenges but also anticipate future needs. Our vision for the future includes significant advancements in key areas: precision oncology, metabolic and chronic diseases, immunology and infectious diseases, genetics, epigenetics and cellular biology, hormonal factors and brain function, and translational and personalized medicine.