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As of January 2020, Fabiola Terzi is the Director of Institut Necker Enfants Malades. Supporting her in the Institute's missions is Sabine Barbut, who serves as the General Secretary. Together, they lead INEM with a shared commitment to excellence in biomedical research, fostering a dynamic environment for scientific advancement and collaboration.


Fabiola Terzi, Director

Fabiola Terzi is an eminent figure in the field of kidney function research. She leads the "Chronic kidney disease: mechanisms and therapeutics" team at INEM. She holds an M.D. from the University of Milan, with certifications in Pediatrics and Nephrology, and a Ph.D. in Physiopathology from Paris Diderot University.

From 2014 to 2019, she headed the Department of Cell Biology. Since 2020, she is the Director of INEM, a role that underscores her commitment to advancing medical research and its applications.


Sabine Barbut, General secretary

Sabine Barbut is an administrative generalist with over 20 years of experience in public research service.

Sabine Barbut holds a degree from the Bordeaux Institute of Political Studies, specializing in Public Service. She began her career in live show production in connection with local authorities. Hired by the CNRS in 2002, she successively held the positions of administrative manager in a laboratory, finance manager in an Institute (IN2P3), and general affairs manager. She joined INSERM in 2015 to be the General Secretary of a leading research center in epidemiology. She has been the General Secretary of INEM since September 2022.


Team Leadership Council 

The collective of team leaders, INEM's director, and its general secretary together form the advisory and decision-making group. This body is pivotal for the leadership to shape the Institute's scientific and operational strategies.


Executive committee

Led by the Institute's director, the executive committee serves as the primary platform for contemplation and discussion concerning the Institute's overarching scientific strategy. The executive committee suggests and prepares the issues to be addressed by the team leaders' council.

Members of the Executive Committee
  • Director of INEM – Fabiola Terzi
  • General secretary of INEM – Sabine Barbut
  • Heads of the « Cell Biology: Growth and Signaling » Department - Mario Pende and Marco Pontoglio
  • Heads of the « Immunology, Infectiology, and Hematology » Department - Simon Fillatreau and Peter van Endert