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INEM Tech Core

At INEM, technical platforms enhance research efficiency and cost-effectiveness, providing access to instruments and expertise beyond individual labs' means. Skilled personnel assist researchers, offering insights into instrument capabilities and developing new applications. The technical platforms also provide access to specific instruments with expert references, ensuring optimal use.

Radioactivity facility 


Recombinant proteins facility


SFR Necker - Necker Federative Research Structure

The SFR Necker plays a pivotal role in the development and coordination of technical platforms tailored to the technological requirements of projects on the Necker campus. With a primary focus on optimizing financial, technological, and human resources, SFR Necker aims to create an optimal environment for cutting-edge fundamental and clinical research, collaborations and enhanced visibility.

SFR Necker coordinates 15 technical platforms covering areas such as proteomics, cell imaging, flow cytometry, bioinformatics, among others, offering a diverse range of services. These technical platforms are open to the entire scientific community of the Imagine Institute, the Necker Enfants Malades Institute, as well as the broader regional academic and private scientific community.

For more details about this initiative, please visit the SFR Necker website.