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Integrative Neurobiology

Franck Oury
Team description

Our team is dedicated to unraveling the intricate roles played by hormonal factors and their profound impact on brain cognitive functions under various conditions, including normal, pathological, and aging. We're driven by the pursuit of uncovering the intricate relationship between hormones, the central nervous system (CNS), and brain activities, particularly in the context of aging.

The Hormonal Dialogue - Hormonal factors serve as indispensable orchestrators of the precise regulation of our physiological functions. They facilitate communication between organs, extending their influence far beyond the periphery. Notably, hormones like leptin, insulin, thyroid hormones, and steroid hormones make their way to the CNS, where they wield their influence over the comprehensive regulation of whole-body metabolism.

Beyond Metabolism - Recent breakthroughs have uncovered the additional, intrinsic functions of hormonal factors within the CNS. They impact brain development, adult neurogenesis, and cognitive functions. Significantly, emerging evidence points to the potential role of fluctuations in their circulating levels in contributing to age-related cognitive decline and the development of neurodegenerative diseases. While the essential nature of hormonal factors in shaping brain activities is undeniable, the cellular and molecular mechanisms through which they exert their effects remain enigmatic. Moreover, despite the presence of receptors for most hormonal factors in the brain, many of their roles within the CNS remain uncharted territory.

Pioneering New Roads - Unraveling the influence of hormonal homeostasis during the aging process holds the promise of opening novel avenues for therapeutic intervention, with the aim of improving age- and disease-related cognitive impairments. Our mission extends to the realm of reversing and preventing age-related memory decline.

Our projects are centered on four key questions:

  1. Novel Hormonal/Paracrine Systems - We aim to identify cutting-edge hormonal and paracrine systems that influence brain cognitive and metabolic functions.
  2. Understanding Hormonal Imbalance and Brain Aging - We delve into the causal relationship between hormonal imbalances and the aging of the brain.
  3. Unlocking Regulatory Mechanisms - Our team is dedicated to deciphering the intricate regulatory mechanisms that mediate hormonal control over brain functions and aging.
  4. Novel Therapeutic Targets - We seek to provide innovative therapeutic targets for addressing age-related cognitive and metabolic decline.

Our interdisciplinary approach empowers us to tackle the most pressing questions in brain research. By partnering with clinicians at Université Paris Cité campus, we're not only unraveling the mysteries of brain cognitive functions but also actively working on translating our findings into practical solutions.

Key publications
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