Target Of Rapamycin
science club in France

- 3rd edition -

5-6 October 2023
Saint Paul Hôtel, Nice, France

Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) pathway has an evolutionary conserved role in the control of growth, metabolism, stress response, survival and ageing.

Currently "TOR de France" is a unique conference series in the world entirely devoted to field of "Target Of Rapamycin" signaling, nutrition, growth, metabolism, development. The "TOR de France" meeting gathers students, postdocs, research group leaders and medical doctors working on various aspects of TOR biology and the applications in medicine, pharmacology, human health. This pluridiplinary approach allows new and fruitful feedbacks on everyone's work and have proven to foster innovative collaborations.

After the success of the first edition in 2018, the second edition in 2021 has consolidated a growing international community. We are looking forward meeting you for the third edition! Please visit the site in spring 2023 for registration.

TOR de France 2021

Flyer of the 2023 edition


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Event co-organized with RHU Cosy

RHU Cosy

Keynote speakers

photo Jewell
Jenna Jewell
UT Sothwestern, USA
photo Loewith
Robbie Loewith
Geneva University, Switzerland
photo Mirzaa
Ghayda M. Mirzaa
Seattle Children's Hospital, USA
photo Thedieck
Kathrin Thedieck
Universität Innsbruck, Austria

2023 Program

The final program will be established after the selection of submitted abstracts from participants.

Scientific Committee

photo Baulac
Stéphanie Baulac
ICM, Paris, France
photo Canaud
Guillaume Canaud
Necker Institute, Paris, France
photo Cota
Daniela Cota
Magendie Inst., Bordeaux, France
photo Dokudovskaya
Svetlana Dokudovskaya
IGR, Villejuif, France
photo Fafournoux
Pierre Fafournoux
INRA, Clermont Ferrand, France
photo Gangloff
Yann Gaël Gangloff
INMG, Lyon, France
photo Meyer
Christian Meyer
Bourgin Inst., Paris, France
photo Montagne
Jacques Montagne
I2BC, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
photo Pende
Mario Pende
Necker Inst., Paris, France
photo Pyronnet
Stéphane Pyronnet
CRCT, Toulouse, France
photo Ricci
Jean Ehrland Ricci
C3M, Nice, France
photo Ryabova
Lyuba Ryabova
Strasbourg Univ., France
photo Tanti
Jean-François Tanti
C3M, Nice, France
photo Walzer
Thierry Walzer
CIRI, Lyon, France

Scientific Organizers

photo Baulac
Stéphanie Baulac
ICM, Paris, France
photo Dokudovskaya
Svetlana Dokudovskaya
IGR, Villejuif, France
photo Pende
Mario Pende
Necker Institute, Paris, France
photo Schramm
Adrien Schramm
Executive Organizer

Le Saint Paul Hotel

29 boulevard Franck Pilatte
06300 Nice
France - Europe
+33 (0)4 93 89 39 57
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