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Pablo Vargas

My team aims to dissect the cellular mechanisms that control leukocyte trafficking in the body, with the ultimate goal of applying this knowledge to biomedical research. This work started during my PhD (2008), during which I discovered that the coupling between antigen presentation and cell motility in dendritic cells coordinated the initiation of immune responses [collaboration University of Chile (Chile) and Institut Curie (France)].

Fascinated by cell migration, I continued my career as a postdoc (Institut Curie), focusing on the cellular mechanisms controlling leukocyte homing during infection. In 2015, I obtained a CR1 position at INSERM, and joined the newly created "Institut Pierre Gilles des Gennes pour la microfluidique", in Paris.

In this technological environment, I created the MOTILE team, dedicated to the development of innovative tools to study immune cell migration at the single cell level in controlled microenvironments.

To link this technological approach to biomedical research, I joined INEM in 2022 as group leader to study the contribution of leukocyte migration to immune disorders and to bring microfabricated technologies to the Necker campus, facilitating single-cell mechanistic studies in patient smears.

My team that studies the mechanisms controlling cell migration between organs. Our group focuses in understanding how leukocytes, specialized in the fast colonization of distant tissues, optimize their displacement within the intricate body architecture. Using micro-fabricated tools and ex vivo tissue imaging, we address how chemical and physical signals convert to enhance fast cell migration in complex anatomical landscapes.

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Pablo Vargas
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