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Marco Pontoglio


Our research activities focus on the study of the mechanisms that control gene expression and morphogenesis. As a paradigm, we study the function played by two transcription factors (HNF1alpha and beta, encoded by HNF1A and HNF1B genes). These genes are frequently mutated in patients that suffer from diabetes and/or renal developmental dysfunctions.


Cell growth, differentiation and morphogenesis are key events whose perturbation may lead to severe developmental pathologies. These processes are largely controlled by complex transcriptional circuitries where transcription factors play a crucial role. In this context, the analysis of the function of transcription factors and the mechanism of their action offers a unique perspective for understanding complex biological processes and physiopathology. In the last years, as a paradigm, we have chosen to study the function of HNF1alpha and beta, a small family of transcription factors, whose mutations are frequently found in patients that suffer from a complex set of dysfunctions including defective renal development, renal disease and insulin secretion defects.

Our research projects are articulated in three major axes:

Morphogenesis of kidney

We have shown the HNF1beta plays a crucial role in both nephron morphogenesis during embryogenesis as well as in maintenance of renal tissue differentiation in postnatal life. Our objective is to characterize the genetic program played by HNF1B to understand the mechanisms of the dysfunctions linked to its deficiency.

The control of gene expression

We demonstrated that HNF1alpha and beta are bookmarking transcription factors. In fact, they are able to remain bound to mitotic chromatin during cell division. This characteristic seems to play an important role for the postmitotic gene reactivation of specific target genes. Our objective is to characterize the molecular mechanisms linked to their bookmarking activity.

The mechanisms of the variability of the phenotype linked to HNF1A and HNF1B deficiency

The penetrance and expressivity of the phenotype of HNF1alpha and beta patients is extremely variable suggesting the existence of modifier genes. In this respect, with the use of a mouse model for HNF1A deficiency we identified a powerful genetic suppressor locus of the diabetes mellitus linked to the deficiency of HNF1alpha. Our objective is to identify and characterize the gene variants and the signalling networks linked to the suppression. In parallel, we are currently trying to identify genes whose perturbation may impact on the potency of HNF1A and HNF1B

5 Main Publications

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Marco Pontoglio graduated in Milan University, Italy and then moved to Pasteur Institute in France to do a postdoctoral training with Prof Moshe Yaniv in 1991. His field of research was the control of gene expression and the characterization of the first tissue specific transcription factors. In 1997 he started his career as a researcher (permanent position) in CNRS and in 2002 he became Team Leader. In 2008 he moved his group to Cochin Institute in Paris and eventually joined the INEM Institute on the Necker Campus in 2019.

The scientific activity of his group is centered on the study the roles played by the transcription factors HNF1alpha and beta in the control of gene expression and in the control of morphogenesis during development. During the last years, the studies of his group have shown that HNF1beta control the expression of several renal cystic genes whose mutation is responsible for polycystic kidney disease. His results have indicated that renal tubular cells have an intrinsic planar cell polarization that accounts for the peculiar alignment of their mitotic spindles with the tubular axis during nephron elongation. Loss of oriented cell division accompanies the dilation of tubular structures in several PKD rodent models. More recently the team has uncovered a peculiar aspect of the control of gene expression: they demonstrated that HNF1beta is a bookmarking factor that is involved in gene expression reprogramming after the phase of mitotic gene silencing.

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