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Monday 15 of January, 2024
Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Function - New Publication in Cell Death & Disease by Integrative Neurobiology team

Slc20a1 and Slc20a2 regulate neuronal plasticity and cognition independently of their phosphate transport ability

In recent years, significant strides have been made in understanding rare neurological diseases like Primary Familial Brain Calcification (PFBC) an inherited form of neurological disorder with a wide spectrum of cognitive aspects. This condition has been associated with mutations in the sodium (Na)-Phosphate (Pi) co-transporter SLC20A2.
However, the etiology of brain calcification in PFBC patients and the precise role of Na-Pi co-transporters in the onset of this disease has remained largely elusive... until now.

In their latest research, Mariana Ramos Brossier, David Romeo Guitart (Team Integrative Neurobiology - Franck Oury) et al. reveal that two specific co-transporters, Slc20a1 (PiT-1) and Slc20a2 (PiT-2), are the most abundant in the brain and play a crucial part in controlling hippocampal-dependent learning and memory.

What's fascinating is that Slc20a1 and Slc20a2 have distinct distributions in the hippocampus and are associated with separate gene clusters, suggesting that they influence cognition through different mechanisms. While PiT-2 enhances hippocampal neuronal branching and survival, PiT-1 is all about promoting synaptic plasticity. This synaptic plasticity is crucial for learning and memory and is linked to a regulation of synaptic vesicle trafficking, impacting the GABAergic system.

These findings provide a solid demonstration that Na-Pi co-transporters have pivotal yet distinct roles in the hippocampus, influencing neuronal plasticity and cognition. This discovery is not only a leap forward in our understanding of brain function but also opens doors to potential novel therapies for PFBC and cognitive disorders.

To learn more, head to the link: https://lnkd.in/gMkpFaKj


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