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Tuesday 28 of November, 2023
Just Published: Canonical and Non-Canonical Roles of SNX1 and SNX2 in Endosomal Membrane Dynamics by Juliane Da Graça
In their recent review, published in Contact CTC, Juliane Da Graça, from Morel Lab, deep-dives into the fascinating world of endosomal membrane dynamics, uncovering the multifaceted functions of Sorting Nexins (SNXs), particularly focusing on SNX1 and SNX2.

Navigating the Endosomal Landscape: SNX1 and SNX2 boast a membrane-curvature domain and a phosphoinositide-binding domain, anchoring them to the PI3P-positive surface of endosomes. This positioning facilitates interactions with endosomal partners and membrane stabilization.

Beyond Retromer Roles: Traditionally linked to the retromer and endosomal SNX–BAR sorting complex, recent insights broaden their horizons. SNX2 steps into the spotlight, regulating endosome–endoplasmic reticulum (ER) contact sites through VAP protein interaction.

Data from the Morel Lab at INEM and literature insights add a fascinating layer, showcasing SNX1 and SNX2 in early endosome tubulation towards ER sites during autophagy initiation in starvation.

These findings challenge conventional understanding, highlighting SNXs' involvement in inter-organelle tethering and communication.
In this review, Juliane Da Graça and Etienne Morel explore the non-retromer functions of SNX1 and SNX2, zooming in on their roles in endosomal membrane dynamics amidst stress sensing and autophagy-associated processes.

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