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Monday 12 of July, 2021
Summer School 2021 : Genetic Epidemiology of Kidney Function and Chronic Kidney Disease.
The Summer School is an international programme to share recent advances in the genetic epidemiology of kidney function and chronic kidney disease. The school is aimed at PhD students and Postdocs in biomedical disciplines who want to learn about up-to-date methods for identifying genetic determinants of kidney function and learn about the latest results.

The underlying educational theme will be the genetic epidemiology of complex diseases, among which CKD [...]

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Thursday 6 of May, 2021
The key autophagic protein ATG16L1 contributes to primary cilium membrane trafficking
A study conducted in the Morel laboratory and recently published in Cell Reports highlights the role of autophagic protein ATG16L1 in the context of ciliogenesis, in response to nutritional stress. These data describe a non-canonical function of ATG16L1, which participates to post-Golgi trafficking of key ciliary IFT20 protein, via a direct interaction mediated by its WD40 domain and a novel ATG16L1-binding motif present in IFT20. The ATG16L1-IFT20 complex regulates the [...]
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Wednesday 14 of April, 2021
Pamela Schnupf reçoit le Prix Jean Hamburger de la Ville de Paris 2020

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que Pamela Schnupf, cheffe d’équipe à l’INEM vient d’obtenir l’un des Grands Prix de médecine de la Ville de Paris : le Prix Jean Hamburger 2020.

La Marie de Paris attribue tous les ans le Prix Jean [...]

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Wednesday 14 of April, 2021
Pamela Schnupf is awarded the 2020 Prix Jean Hamburger de la Ville de Paris
We are pleased to announce that Pamela Schnupf, team leader at INEM, has recently been awarded one of the major medical prizes of the City of Paris: the Jean Hamburger Prize 2020.
Every year, the Marie de Paris awards the Jean Hamburger Prize to a researcher under 45 years of age who has made a major scientific [...]
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Tuesday 23 of February, 2021
L'équipe Morel met en lumière le rôle-clé de l'interface membranaire ER/mitochondrie dans l'immunité innée et la réponse anti-virale.
L’équipe Morel, en collaboration avec la compagnie ENYO-Pharma (basée à Lyon) et le Dr Benoit de Chassey, vient de mettre en évidence l’importance de la dynamique membranaire mitochondriale et des sites de contact ER-mitochondrie dans la réponse antivirale. Ces résultats, publiés en deux articles distincts (dans EMBO Reports et dans PLoS Pathogens), a permis de montrer qu’un nouveau composé moléculaire (Mito-C) ciblait spécifiquement les protéines [...]
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Tuesday 23 of February, 2021
The Morel research group demonstrated the key-role of ER/mitochondria interface in innate immunity during antiviral response.
The Morel research team, in collaboration with ENYO-Pharma company (based in Lyon) and Dr. Benoit de Chassey, has just highlighted the importance of mitochondrial network and ER-mitochondria contact sites membrane dynamics during intracellular antiviral response. These results, published in two articles (in EMBO Reports and in PLoS Pathogens), show that a new molecular compound (Mito-C) specifically targets proteins of the NEET family at the interface between membranes of the ER and [...]
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Tuesday 2nd of February, 2021
Time-dependent maturation of memory B cells against SARS-Cov-2 with improved recognition of the virus receptor binding site

Immune memory is the mechanism that protects us against re-infection by pathogens. The success of vaccines is based on this defense strategy that consists in the production of blood antibodies and of memory B cells, able to reactivate into antibody-secreting cells upon a new infection. The team led by M. Mahévas, J.-C. Weill and C.-A. Reynaud has followed memory B cells in two cohorts [...]

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Friday 30 of October, 2020
Cell Reports _ Developmental Renal Glomerular Defects at the Origin of Glomerulocystic Disease
The research group led by Marco Pontoglio at the “Institut Necker Enfants Malades” has discovered a novel genetically programmed morphogenetic process that plays an important role in renal glomerulogenesis. The dysfunction of this process leads to self-strangled glomeruli that generate cysts upon glomerular filtration. This process tackles a so far unappreciated developmental issue: the separation of the urinary and vascular poles in early nephron precursors. This study is published in Cell [...]
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HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover, who through the Princess Grace Foundation, already supports medical research and anything that helps to relieve the sick children in France and around the world, has agreed to commit to our side so that our Center of Molecular medicine continues to meet the current challenges and fight diseases, and in particular the ones affecting children.

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